Thursday, August 14, 2008

Good Bye Summer

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Oh goodness, good bye summer. School starts on Monday. I am enjoying my last few days of summer break. My husband is taking the day off work tomorrow, so we can have a long weekend together. We are traveling to Illinois for my nephews birthday. And will celebrate my upcoming birthday too. Since I won't see my family on my actual birthday. (Aug. 24th)

I have been trying to get my classroom in order. The camera above is one of the many old cameras I have in my classroom. I currently teach high school photography. We still use manual 35mm cameras. We develop and print photos in a darkroom. It is a pretty nice set up. But I am wondering how much longer film cameras will be around. hmm, it's quickly becoming a lost art.

Looking forward to my last weekend of summer and hoping for a great new school year.....
CHS, Go Minutemen!


Dawn said...

Hi Stacy
Have a lovely break and I think summer is over here too there is a distinct drop in temperature and the nights are getting darker quicker .


gryphon said...

Hi Stacy- just discovered your blog thru the etsy forums. Love your work and your collages will look great in your store. Good luck.