Friday, January 16, 2009

Sweet Sparkle Cupcake Tag

"Tag You're it" had a super fun theme this week "super candy kisses". Which to me translates into anything sweet. I found this great glitter paper at Michaels today. It was in with the Christmas clearance at 80% off. I also got 2 giant tags at 80% off, they were 44 cents each! What sweet deals. The first image shows one of my giant tags (6"x10"), next to my normal sized tag (2"x5"). Now about my tag. I decided to make a cupcake with the glitter paper. I used a real cupcake paper for the cup. I also stamped the background of the tag with some hearts, but they are a little hard to see with the size of the cupcake. When I attached the "icing", I used those pop out dots to make it stand out. I hope you enjoy this super sweet and glittery post. Oh wait, I almost forgot. I found the cupcake template here: mamasheg but it originally came from here: valitasfreshfolds. These two blogs are worth reading. Tons of cute ideas and inspiration.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

She taught me to eat artichokes

"That's how it is with people sometimes. When you least expect it, a common thread -golden, at that- begins to weave together the fabric of friendship."
"She taught me to eat artichokes" by Kay Shanley is a keepsake book about friendship. The quote I used in the collage comes from that book. My collage was created for the challenge on "Mixed Media Monday". Lately I have been reconnecting with old friends, thanks to Facebook. It has been fun seeing what old friends are doing now and catching up. I would love to go back in time and find some more friends that I have lost touch with over the years. It amazes me how fast time flies as I get older. This year is my 20th reunion for high school (holy cow I feel old).

Here's to new friends and old -Cheers!