Sunday, October 5, 2008

Rusted Abstraction

I took some time out today to enjoy the beautiful weather. I went to the New York Central Railroad Musuem in Elkhart, Indiana to take some photographs. Every day on my way home I can see these rusted out old railcars. They look beautiful to me and I have been wanting to take pictures of them for some time. My photographic style is up close and abstract. I like details, old stuff, color and rust. I love rust...not sure why, just think its beautiful. Thank you to Susan who inspired me to get out and take some photographs today. Her and I had a conversation at church today about not taking time to create art. Being an art/photography teacher I often get caught up in teaching and don't take time to create what I love. Go to my flickr to see some of the images I posted today. I took 95 pics, but only posted 25.