Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Coffee Lovers

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Calling all Coffee Lovers (& friends). In case you haven't noticed, I Love Coffee! and anything coffee related. I am actually part owner of a coffee bar/cafe in Watseka, Illinois. Promises (120 W. Walnut) if you are ever in the neighborhood. I got married and moved to Indiana, leaving my coffee dream behind. In order to keep my love for coffee brewing, I create tags & cards with a coffee theme. I am currently selling them on Etsy. I just listed a set of coffee cup notecards this morning. My new notecards are based on the design from my last post. Put down your coffee cup & go check them out. Coffee Cup Cards You will love these & so will any of your coffee loving friends.


tattytiara said...

Your items would be wonderful point of purchase items in any cafe, but especially those with dedicated gift items.

Cathe said...

Great blog!
Coffee- and your great pieces- ROCK!

online stock broker said...

Coffee is my favorite also and I love your theme,its simply marvelous.

Staceydotdot said...

Your paper stuff is so yummy!

Yeah youre right about the blog, the new one is so much clearer.....now where did that headache go?lol!

Ashley said...

Your coffee cup cards are really cool! I went to your etsy and took a peak, very nice!